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Captive Insurance
Captive Insurance
       Captive Insurance is one form of Alternative Risk Transfer.  A person or organization can  
retain risk, transfer it to a commercial insurance company, or place insurance coverage in a
captive.  The captive is often owned by the insured, so a captive is a form of self-insurance.

       There are multiple types of captives; which one would work for you depends on the specifics of
your situation and what you are trying to accomplish.  A very large organization can form a Single-
Parent Captive.  Most captives formed over the last 15 years have been Risk Retention Groups, or
RRG's.  When properly structured and capitalized for the long-term, RRG's have been very successful.  
Beyond properly structuring and capitalizing the RRG it is very important to limit the risk to the RRG.  
       Historically RRG's that have been successful have limited the risks they will insure to a very
narrow range.  In the legal field this might mean an RRG composed only of defense attorneys or only
of plaintiff's attorneys.  In the medical field RRG's that have been successful over the long-term have
been single-specialty RRG's that limit their risk only to one specialty.  And, as with commercial
insurance, careful underwriting and risk management are crucial.
       The benefit of a limited RRG is obvious: more stable insurance pricing over the long-term.  If you
are the insurance company and if you determine who gets in, it would follow that the results should be
better than for the insurance industry as a whole.
       Bluewater Solutions, LLC, currently represent two single-specialty RRG's.  
Scrubs Medical
Assurance Company
is for and by Urologists.  EMPAC, RRG is for and by Emergency Room
physicians.  Both companies have a proven track record of lower, more stable premiums, coupled
with aggressive risk management and aggressive defense of claims.
       For more information on either company please click on <Contact Us> and let us know which
company you would like more information on.

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