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Need Temporary Health
Insurance?  Between
jobs, just starting a job,
just finishing school?  
Click on the link below,
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Temporary Health Insurance

"A man can be
destroyed but not
- Ernest Hemingway
Physicians' Pharmaceutical Corporation
If you are a medical practice interested in generating additional revenue, while assisting patients
with compliance, reducing workload, and possibly generating better outcomes, click on <
> on the tool bar at the top of this page.

Start-up Insurance
Just starting your own company or consulting firm and not sure what insurance you should have
versus what you need?  Click on <
Contact Us> above, tell us what sort of business you're starting,
and we'll send you a checklist to help you work through the process.

Going to the next level?
If you are looking for marketing or consulting expertise to either start your own business or to
take your business to the next level, click on the <
Contact Us> button at the top of the page, send
us an e-mail telling us what you are trying to do, and we will get back to you with additional

Outbreak Extra Expense
Any business can be shut down due to a contagion outbreak or workplace violence event.  Will your
current insurance cover you?  Will there be sufficient coverage?  If you are in doubt and want
more information on obtaining
extra expense coverage, click on the <Outbreak> button on the tool
bar at the top of this page.
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