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Physicians' Pharmaceutical Corporation
Finally, a convenient
and profitable way for
physicians to dispense
prescriptions to their
patients, decreasing
risk to the physician
and increasing
compliance, which
should lead to better
outcomes and
reduced future health
care costs.
Not a repackaging program!

Physicians' Pharmaceutical Corporation (PPC) is a patented, turn-key, in-office dispensing program for any
health care facility.  It allows medical practices to dispense prescriptions written for their patients.  In these
challenging and changing times this program allows patients to obtain their prescriptions before leaving their
doctor's office.  The PPC program:

Generates revenue from new and re-filled prescriptions
Enhanced patient loyalty
Helps the physician know if the patient is in compliance with the treatment plan
Enhances patient compliance with their treatment plans
Enhanced compliance should result in better outcomes
Better outcomes should reduce future health care costs
Reduces pharmacy calls and facsimiles, and pharmacy call backs
Makes obtaining medications convenient for the patient
Reduces the chance of a medication error
Helps maintain patient privacy
Allows patients to use vouchers and coupons from drug companies
Offers flexibility in dose size
Generates greater revenue than with a re-packing model
Can include OTC medications for patients for whom a prescription is not appropriate
Assists with the creation of a Medical Home for the patient

The PPC program assists you at each step, from hiring to training to marketing to ongoing support.

If pharmacies are going to open clinics, medical practices should dispense medications!
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