An adult day care
facility had an outbreak
of the Norwalk virus.  
The specialized clean
up alone resulted in a
bill of approximately
$290,000.   This
amount did not include
lost revenue or the
much needed public
relations work that
Bluewater Solutions, LLC

                      Outbreak Extra Expense Coverage
e Title
The economic impact of contagion outbreaks is increasing at a time of greater population

*  MRSA                                               * Bubonic Plague (Los Angeles, April 2006)
*  H1N1 (“Swine flu”) 2009              * H5N1 (”Bird flu”)
* SARS                                                * Legionnaires
* Meningitis                                        * E-coli
* Salmonella                                      * Norwalk Virus
* Viruses, bacteria, mold                 *
Workplace violence

Will your current insurance provide you with sufficient coverage?
Most standard property and business insurance policies do not respond to forced closures
due to contagion outbreaks or workplace violence.

Outbreak Extra Expense Coverage provides a per day limit of insurance triggered by a
covered suspension of a business premises by a public health official, caused by a wide
variety of contagions.  
It is not Business Interruption coverage, it is extra expense coverage over and above
any other collectible insurance, with policy proceeds to be used at your discretion.
Limits from $2,500 to $50,000 per day.
Up to 30 days coverage (5 days for workplace violence).
Virginia-domiciled insurance company rated “A” (Excellent) by A.M. Best.
Premiums start at $750 per year per location for a daily limit of $2,500
         (plus applicable surplus lines taxes and fees).  
The Vaccine for
Contagion Risk

Accroches-toi à ton rêve
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